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Bright Eyes… | NY Baby Photographer | Rockland, New York

Nine weeks old and very bright eyed, this boy was a beautiful model.  Now, I definitely do not recommend this age for “newborn” shoots because they just do not stay asleep, BUT for this very special person I just had to comply.  We gave it our best college try…getting him all cuddly and warm and ready for a nap…and ready for a nap….okay, not so much. But I have to say I am so happy with how we captured him!  He was awake for most of the time, but catching these wonderful expressions of his soulful, blue eyes told me it worked out just fine that way.  Mom did want some “sleepy” shots, so once he did fall asleep, it was snap, snap, snap then he promptly woke up.  I think we managed to get some beauties of him both awake and in a perfectly peaceful slumber…

Bright eyed baby on blue blanket - NY Baby Photographer
Smiling baby on blue blanket - NY Baby Photographer

Black and white of baby awake under a blanket - NY Baby Photographer

Black and white of baby sleeping - NY Baby Photographer

Adorable baby lying on fur - NY Baby Photographer

Love is in the Air….. | Valentine’s Day Newborn Special | NJ Newborn Photographer

This Valentine season, we would like to celebrate the love you’ve made with a Special Newborn Promotion!  (corny?… I couldn’t help myself!)

Book any newborn session by February 14th and you will get the following complimentary gifts:

~50 custom-designed birth announcement cards~
~a free 6 month old mini-photo-session~
~and a $100 print credit on a session when your baby turns 1 year-old~

(Total value of $355!)

**contact christine for complete details**

And to celebrate the lover’s of last year, here are some of the highlights of their work:

See more newborn photos here.

Best of 2010 | NJ Child Photographer | Bergen County New Jersey

It’s been such an incredible year for me…I have met the most wonderful families and have really loved ALL of my clients!  How lucky I feel!  To celebrate, I thought I’d put together a Best of 2010 slideshow with some of my favorite images.  Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year from Christine DeSavino Photography and hope to see you in 2011!


Serene beauty… | NJ Newborn Photographer | Morris County, New Jersey

I just love newborn shoots…especially when they are such good sleepers like this little guy was.  Mom & Dad were warm and welcoming, not to mention helpful during the shoot – just a delight to meet.  This boy is a little brother and I will be posting a few favorites of his big brother soon. But for now, I’ve lots left to do so I’ll keep it short.  I’m planning some exciting holiday promos, contests and fundraisers coming up soon so keep an eye out!   In the meantime, enjoy this serene beauty…

Newborn sleeps on white fur blanket - NJ Newborn Photographer

Black and white of sleeping newborn boy - NJ Newborn Photographer

Beautiful baby in peanut wrap - NJ Baby Photographer

Baby sleeps in bluish-green cocoon - NJ Baby Photographer

Baby Love… | NJ Newborn Photographer | Bergen County, New Jersey

With all the outdoor fall sessions I’ve been doing, it was a nice change of pace to have a newborn shoot with this beautiful baby girl.  She was just a doll and slept so peacefully the entire time.  You may recognize her big sister in the last photo from a previous session – these parents have two of the prettiest girls around!

Peaceful newborn girl with pink flower - NJ Newborn Photographer

Black and white newborn with flower - NJ Newborn Photograper

Black and white newborn sleeping - NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn feet - NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn on white - NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn girl with sister - NJ Newborn Photographer

Beautiful boy… | Newborn Photographer | Westchester, New York

There’s nothing more beautiful than a newborn being held in his mother’s arms.  Or a sleeping baby…so pure and  peaceful.  Capturing these precious moments is what makes my job meaningful and I feel privileged every time I am given the opportunity…

Congratulations to this family on their beautiful baby boy…

Baby boy in mother's arms - NY Newborn Photographer


Newborn in a green cocoon - NY Newborn Photographer

Serene baby boy on blanket - NY Newborn Photographe

Baby boy in blue hat - NY Newborn Photographe

Baby boy in basket - NY Newborn Photographer

Close up of baby boy - NY Newborn Photographer

Peaceful… | Newborn Photographer | Bergen County, NJ

This baby boy was such a little beauty.  He was all of a week old when I met him and was so cute he gave me baby fever (one of the hazards of my job!)  Once he fell asleep, he stayed soooo peaceful and content – which makes the baby fever even worse!!   I mean, just look at this sweet little face…  Here’s a sneak peek for mom and dad – it was great to meet you and  your beautiful family!

Newborn wearing adorable knit hat - NJ Newborn Photographer

Black and white image of newborn - NJ Newborn Photographer

Smiling infant in blue wrap - NJ Newborn Photographer

Peaceful newborn sleeping - NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn in a bowl - NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn in a football hat - NJ Newborn Photographer

6 days young… | Newborn Photographer | Rockland, New York

Everytime I do a newborn photo session, I am reminded of what an incredible time of life this is. Cherish these early years…they go by in a flash.  My boys are 6 and 8 and their newborn days seem like a lifetime ago.  But I love that in my job I get to relive the wonder of the newborn stage…

Only 6 days young for his photo session, this beautiful boy was so comfortable being held by his father that we decided to capture the moment.  I love this first one… The beautiful knit with the heart shaped button is by Mamique and if anyone’s in the market for some gorgeous newborn wear, then go straight to their blog after this!

In the meantime, enjoy the sweetness of this little guy…

newborn boy being held in his father's arms - NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn baby boy sleeping on white blanket - NJ newborn photographer

Newborn boy sleeps - NJ Newborn Photographer


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