Christine DeSavino Photography

Bright Eyes… | NY Baby Photographer | Rockland, New York

Nine weeks old and very bright eyed, this boy was a beautiful model.  Now, I definitely do not recommend this age for “newborn” shoots because they just do not stay asleep, BUT for this very special person I just had to comply.  We gave it our best college try…getting him all cuddly and warm and ready for a nap…and ready for a nap….okay, not so much. But I have to say I am so happy with how we captured him!  He was awake for most of the time, but catching these wonderful expressions of his soulful, blue eyes told me it worked out just fine that way.  Mom did want some “sleepy” shots, so once he did fall asleep, it was snap, snap, snap then he promptly woke up.  I think we managed to get some beauties of him both awake and in a perfectly peaceful slumber…

Bright eyed baby on blue blanket - NY Baby Photographer
Smiling baby on blue blanket - NY Baby Photographer

Black and white of baby awake under a blanket - NY Baby Photographer

Black and white of baby sleeping - NY Baby Photographer

Adorable baby lying on fur - NY Baby Photographer


Our photo session was perfect. Christine had a wonderful way of engaging my children to get the most beautiful photos. Everyone I shared the photos with just loved them.

~Jennifer G

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