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DaisyGrip Wins “Hot One” Award!

No one can deny that this summer has seen it’s share of heat waves, but around here, things just got even hotter!  Our product, the DaisyGrip, has just won the Professional Photographer Association’s Hot One Award for Best Posing Tool!   Needless to say, we are so thrilled!  What an honor to be included among the hottest products in the industry.  From hundreds of entries, PPA Magazine’s panel of professionals vote on their top choices for photography products and services.   We are pinching ourselves that we are chosen this year and listed among photography giants and trend-setters like Canon, Sekonic, Simply Color, Design-Aglow and Jill-E!


To check out our award plus many other 2013 winners, visit this link:

Professional Photographer Magazine Hot One Awards

Introducing the Daisy Grip

I have some exciting news to share…my husband, David and I have been working hard to bring a new and awesome photography product to market. It’s called the DaisyGrip and it’s designed to help photographers and shutterbug parents capture great expressions from their children!

The concept came to us during one very difficult session in particular. It was with an adorable three year old boy who loved to run but was not so fond of sitting still ~ EVER! I captured some great action shots, but the mother also wanted some nice close-ups of her boy. The ONLY way we could coerce him was when David held his iPhone right over my shoulder and played Thomas the Tank Engine. BINGO ~ he happily plopped himself down and giggled away. Wow, we thought…not only was the session saved, but the concept of a brilliant new photography tool was born.

We searched the internet to see if such a device existed…surely it must! But we found nothing. And so began our work in creating, building, and bringing this new photography tool to market!   We designed the Daisy Grip to go right above the camera lens either by attaching to the camera’s hot shoe mount OR underneath the camera with a bracket.  Our goal was to create something ultra versatile, so we made it flexible enough to hold iPhones and smart phones of any size, as well as a child’s favorite toy, stuffed animal or hand puppet.  It is truly one of the most versatile tool for capturing a child’s smile!

We are very proud to introduce the DaisyGrip®:

DaisyGrip - For a childs smile

For complete details about our product and more of our story, head over to our brand new website:



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