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Best of Newborns 2011 | NJ Newborn Photographer

It’s been another amazing year filled with wonderful clients and beautiful babies galore.  In celebration of the passing year, I’d like to showcase some of my favorite images from 2011 with a Best of Newborns slideshow…

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year!

Spirited! | Newborn Photographer | Bergen County, New Jersey

This little girl was, in her dad’s words… “spirited.”  She woke up in between almost every pose and gave a good little cry.   Luckily, her dad was so fantastic at soothing her back into a slumber, that we named him “the baby whisperer.”   Mom and Dad actually came all the way down from West Point for their session …with a cadet uniform in tow! (It made for a great prop!)  It was really fun collaborating with this sweet little girl’s mom on the look of the session and the various props.  They also brought pink roses and hydrangeas for the session…I love it!  And, as you can see in the last shot, big brother was also on hand for a handsome portrait with his baby sister.  A beautiful family indeed and a fun session…


Sleeping baby girl in a bowl - NJ Newborn Photographer

Baby girl sleeps on cadet uniform - NJ Newborn Photographer


Beautiful baby girl with roses and hydrangea - NJ Baby Photographer


Beautiful mother holding newborn baby girl - NJ Newborn Photographer


Mother and father with newborn baby girl - NJ Newborn Photographer

Sleeping newborn girl with big brother - NJ Newborn Photographer

What’s Blooming this Spring?…a “Little Bit Older” Mini-Session!

Earlier this season we announced the first and second bloom of the season with our Baby’s First Year Plan & our Custom Gift Registry.  Well now we’d like to announce our third bloom of the season:

Blossom Three: a “Little-Bit-Older” Mini-Session

Storyboard of a precious 6 month old baby girl - NJ Baby Photographer Christine DeSavino

This session is specifically created for those parents who just can’t let a growth spurt slip by without capturing it.  Here’s how it works, after you have completed one full portrait session, you are eligible to add-on a special mini-session anytime within one calendar year.  This “Little-Bit-Older” session will include 10-15 images in a password protected gallery and will cost just $175.  For full details just contact me.

And keep checking back as new buds will be bursting all summer long here at our studio!


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Rock-n-Roll Angel… | NJ Newborn Photographer | Bergen County NJ

Look how peacefully this little newborn girl is sleeping.  You would never guess that her dad lulled her into this slumber by cranking up a Pandora rock station.  That’s right, he said she liked rock music and cued up a station that played Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and The Police to send her into la-la land.  Of course, I was happy during the shoot, but I would never have imagined a one week old would sleep serenely to the crooning of some classic Rod Stewart.  Shows you what I know.

I love her little angel face…I think some new sample canvases featuring this little beauty will be ordered soon – for me!

Newborn girl peacefully sleeping - NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn girl sleeping peacefully - NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn girl sleeping in beautiful knit hat - NJ Newborn Photographer

I love how it looks like she’s wearing lip-liner in this next one.  She is so delicate and beautiful…

Delicate newborn girl wearing flower headband - NJ Newborn Photographer

Beautiful newborn girl sleeping with red flower headband - NJ Newborn Photographer

I was lucky enough to catch some beautiful expressions while she was awake…and alert!  Just look at these eyes…

Beautiful newborn girl in a pink knit wrap - NJ Newborn Photographer

Lil Sleeper… | Newborn Photographer | Bergen County New Jersey

This little baby girl slept like a champ.  She was just a week old and seemed to comfortably curl up into all the different positions we tried…and look how peaceful she looks.  We even got to have some fun with “the hammock” shot – which is always great when it turns out, but trust me, they have to be in a pretty good slumber for that one!  With her delicate features and beautiful coloring, she is such a precious baby.  Oh and I just love her lip in the last one…sigh!

Newborn girl in cocoon on a pink blanket - NJ Newborn Photographer

Black and white of newborn girl with flower headband - NJ Newborn Photographer

Black and white of newborn girl in a hammock - NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn girl on black with flower headband - NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn girl on white with knit hat - NJ Baby Photographer

Newborn girl on white with knit hat - NJ Baby Photographer

Party Time! | NJ Baby Photographer | Bergen County, New Jersey

I’ve been remiss in my blogging, but I thought I’d start things back up with a bang…and a smash…a cake smash, that is.

This was my first one and I have to admit, the thought of a baby smashing and throwing pieces of cake kinda made me nervous.  I know that my OCD is totally showing right now, but hey…part of this blog is getting to know me, right???  This boy was SOOOO adorable and cute about figuring out just what to do with his over-sized birthday cupcake that we were giggling and laughing up a storm the whole time.  Do I drum with it?  Do I squish it?  Do I eat….hey, this tastes pretty good!!!   There were so many great shots, that limiting it to four was tough, but I really loved the idea of a storyboard.  Also, we video taped it and put together a session slideshow that features a combination of video footage and photos.  I have to say I LOVE how it turned out and I think it’s a great way to capture a session!  I’m thinking about regularly offering this as one of my products. I’ll keep you posted…

Happy birthday to you little man…you are adorable beyond words!

Cake Smash Session for a beautiful one year old boy - NJ Baby Photographer

6 days young… | Newborn Photographer | Rockland, New York

Everytime I do a newborn photo session, I am reminded of what an incredible time of life this is. Cherish these early years…they go by in a flash.  My boys are 6 and 8 and their newborn days seem like a lifetime ago.  But I love that in my job I get to relive the wonder of the newborn stage…

Only 6 days young for his photo session, this beautiful boy was so comfortable being held by his father that we decided to capture the moment.  I love this first one… The beautiful knit with the heart shaped button is by Mamique and if anyone’s in the market for some gorgeous newborn wear, then go straight to their blog after this!

In the meantime, enjoy the sweetness of this little guy…

newborn boy being held in his father's arms - NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn baby boy sleeping on white blanket - NJ newborn photographer

Newborn boy sleeps - NJ Newborn Photographer

Two Little Treasures… | NJ Child Photographer

A beautiful little girl with a precious smile and a gorgeous selection of dresses gave this portrait session a touch of elegance.  Her mother is a dancer and by the looks of it, this darling girl is following in mom’s footsteps…

Child Portrait of a beautiful girl in an elegant blue dress

Portrait of a sweetly smiling little girl in a white lace dress

Studio portrait of a sweet little girl in a beautiful purple flowered dress

And look at these beautiful brown eyes and winning smile…big brother was on the move, but we managed to capture some treasures!

Adorable brown-eyed boy in blue polo shirt posing for a studio portrait

Black and white studio portrait of an adorable little boy


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