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Rock-n-Roll Angel… | NJ Newborn Photographer | Bergen County NJ

Look how peacefully this little newborn girl is sleeping.  You would never guess that her dad lulled her into this slumber by cranking up a Pandora rock station.  That’s right, he said she liked rock music and cued up a station that played Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and The Police to send her into la-la land.  Of course, I was happy during the shoot, but I would never have imagined a one week old would sleep serenely to the crooning of some classic Rod Stewart.  Shows you what I know.

I love her little angel face…I think some new sample canvases featuring this little beauty will be ordered soon – for me!

Newborn girl peacefully sleeping - NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn girl sleeping peacefully - NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn girl sleeping in beautiful knit hat - NJ Newborn Photographer

I love how it looks like she’s wearing lip-liner in this next one.  She is so delicate and beautiful…

Delicate newborn girl wearing flower headband - NJ Newborn Photographer

Beautiful newborn girl sleeping with red flower headband - NJ Newborn Photographer

I was lucky enough to catch some beautiful expressions while she was awake…and alert!  Just look at these eyes…

Beautiful newborn girl in a pink knit wrap - NJ Newborn Photographer


Christine ~ you are amazing! Your skills make my beautiful Racky shine in the photographs!

~Jay M

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