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What’s Blooming this Spring?…a Baby Plan!

Here at Christine DeSavino Photography we’ve been working hard at putting together some exciting new plans to better serve our clients,
and we’re ready
to start announcing what’s now in bloom…

Blossom One: Baby’s First Year Plan

Beautiful newborn girl with roses - NJ Newborn Photographer

Many of you who follow my photography know how much I adore newborn sessions….there’s nothing more special to me than capturing the purity of a new little one.  The first few days of an infant’s life are so precious and endearing, but equally remarkable is the baby’s entire first year.  From holding up their head to rolling over, from beginning to crawl to walking and eventually cruising all over the house, a baby will grow more during this first year than any other time in their life.  And it goes by so quickly…

So to commemorate this treasured time, I’ve created a brand new plan that will capture and celebrate each milestone of a baby’s first year.

Here are the details of my Baby Plan:

  • one full newborn session within the first 10 days of birth
  • one full 6-month-old session (or around the time your baby begins to crawl)
  • one full 12-month-old session (or around the time your baby begins to criuse, this is the perfect time for a Cake Smash Session!)
  • optional mini-sessions at 3 & 9 months (or when your baby holds their head up & when your baby begins to walk)
  • optional maternity-mini-session
  • each full session is priced at a discount
  • each full session comes with a $100 complimentary Fine Art Canvas Credit, mini-sessions come with a $50 credit
  • the completed baby plan comes with a $300 complimentary Album Credit
  • over $600 worth of built in savings!


And in order to help our plan to grow…

the first 5 people who book my Baby Plan during the month of May will receive:


  • 1 free box of Birth Announcement Cards at completion of their Newborn Session
  • 1 free  20×20 Storyboard commemorating each stage of their child’s first year at completion of the baby plan

For full details and pricing, please call me at 917-697-1835 or contact me here.

And keep checking back as there are more buds about to burst here at our studio!


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That special something… | NJ Children’s Photographer | Bergen County New Jersey

I had the pleasure of meeting these two adorable children not long ago…when it was a little too cold to venture outside.   They were beautiful, and I love the expressions they gave me…  For me it’s not always about the smiles… I mean, smiles are great and I do my best to capture some at every session, as you will see below.  But there is also something special about catching a more thoughtful expression that shows another side of your child’s personality.   I find these shots beautiful!  I guess for me it’s about capturing genuine expressions…nothing forced…no “say cheese” for example.  This older sister was a little shy at first.  She started to come out of her shell little by little and then once I started to photograph her brother, she got a renewed interest…funny how that happens with kids, right?

Anyway, this first one is one of my favorites…

Stunning girl peeks from behind a couch - NJ Child Photographer

An adorable smile…

Pretty girl in denim dress smiling - NJ Child Photographer

…but I just love her expression in this one!

Hands on chin - NJ Child Photographe

…and this!

Beautiful girl in profile - NJ Child Photographer

This little guy is so adorable and also gave us a variety of expressions…

Adorable baby boy sits up and smiles - NJ Baby Photographer

Baby boy crawling - NJ Baby Photographer

Love it!

Big smile - NJ Children's Photographer

Adorable boy - NJ Baby Photographer

What a beautiful pair!

Sister and baby brother on the couch - NJ Children's Photographer

Growing up fast… | NJ Children’s Photographer | Ringwood, New Jersey

I met both these kids as newborns and it blows me away to see how quickly they’ve grown!   This little girl doesn’t like to be away from mommy’s arms for too long, but we did manage to get some winning smiles while she sat all by herself!  She looked just beautiful in the Crewcut dress mom put her in for the shoot, and had lovely accessories to match.  I am loving her wind-blown hair, her little hands and that gentle smile in this first shot.   This is my third time photographing her older brother –  he gets more gorgeous every time I see him.  Just check out his big brown eyes.   Love the ‘do, too!

Beautiful girl sitting near stone wall - NY Child Photographer

Adorable boy stands by stone wall - NY Child Photographer

Close up of little girl wearing pearls - NY Child Photographer

Sunlit boy by stone wall - NY Child Photographer

Girl in lavender dress smiling - NY Child Photographer

Boy by stone wall - NY Child Photographer

Adorable girl smiling with lavender bow - NY Child Photographer

Boy with a little mohawk sitting on bench - NY Child Photographer

A Room with a View… | NJ Newborn Photographer | Bergen County New Jersey

I’ve been loving all the newborn shoots I’ve had lately.  I love how differently each one turns out.  Each baby is one of a kind; each family has a different story; and every home that I enter has a style and feel of it’s own.    I like to incorporate as much of this as I can into each session to make it a custom experience…that keeps it fresh and exciting for me and also unique for my clients.  This baby’s parents had such a cool bedroom…I just had to use their purple walls as a backdrop.  Throw in some beautiful window light, a gorgeous dresser and a zebra rug and voila –  styling complete!  It doesn’t hurt that this baby brother is just a sweet as can be.   Enjoy the view…

Baby boy backlit by window - NJ Newborn Photographer

Baby boy sleeping by window - NJ Newborn Photographer

Baby boy sleeping - NJ Newborn Photographer

Baby boy in aqua cocoon - NJ Newborn Photographer

Baby boy sleeping on dresser - NJ Newborn Photographer

Beautiful girl holds baby brother - NJ Child Photographer

Birthday boy… | NJ Child Photographer | Bergen County New Jersey

I love watching children grow up.  I first met this adorable boy as a newborn and he is already celebrating his 1st birthday!   Wow – did that year fly by!  I recently posted the “cake smash” portion of this session, but there were so many other great shots outside and in his room that I thought I’d share them too.  He is clearly a natural in front of the camera, but also has one of the most pleasant dispositions ever!  What a happy and delightful boy.

Boy in red vest holding fence - NJ Child Photographer

Boy in red vest holding wooden airplane - NJ Child PhotographerClose ups of boy playing with wooden airplane - NJ Child Photographer

Boy in blue bedroom smiling - NJ Child Photographer

Boy with antique wooden rocking horse - NJ Child Photographer

Happy one year old in blue bedroom - NJ Child Photographer

One year older… | NJ Baby Photographer | Bergen County New Jersey

OK…this is just the kind of angelic face that makes me, the mother of two wonderful boys, want a little girl.  It happened a year ago at her newborn session and it happened again a year later during her one year session.  Doesn’t help that she is sweet as pie with me…I could just take her home!  OH and the accessories…bows, flowers, pearl bracelet, pink slippers…I was dyin!

Beautiful baby girl in pink - NJ Baby Photographer

Girl with sequined slipper - NJ Baby Photographer

Girl and bows - NJ Baby Photographer

Beautiful girl with a flower barrette  - NJ Child Photographer

Her nursery is fabulously decorated, from the crib to the dresser to the curtains.  I have to say, I just love how the framed portrait from our previous session fits right in…

One year old girl in her room - NJ Baby Photographer

And here is her big brother, who I photographed last summer.  In this first photo, I caught him entranced by the tv and I just love the feel of it.  Soon afterwards he was engaged and smiling.  I think it’s the sparkle in his eyes that makes him such a beautiful model …just like his sister!

Beautiful boy enthralled on the couch - NJ Child Photographer

Boy smiling - NJ Child Photographer

Boy on bed with train - NJ Child Photographer

Don’t worry guys, the snow’ll be gone soon and we’ll all be outside playing! 🙂

At the window - NJ Children's Photographer

Party Time! | NJ Baby Photographer | Bergen County, New Jersey

I’ve been remiss in my blogging, but I thought I’d start things back up with a bang…and a smash…a cake smash, that is.

This was my first one and I have to admit, the thought of a baby smashing and throwing pieces of cake kinda made me nervous.  I know that my OCD is totally showing right now, but hey…part of this blog is getting to know me, right???  This boy was SOOOO adorable and cute about figuring out just what to do with his over-sized birthday cupcake that we were giggling and laughing up a storm the whole time.  Do I drum with it?  Do I squish it?  Do I eat….hey, this tastes pretty good!!!   There were so many great shots, that limiting it to four was tough, but I really loved the idea of a storyboard.  Also, we video taped it and put together a session slideshow that features a combination of video footage and photos.  I have to say I LOVE how it turned out and I think it’s a great way to capture a session!  I’m thinking about regularly offering this as one of my products. I’ll keep you posted…

Happy birthday to you little man…you are adorable beyond words!

Cake Smash Session for a beautiful one year old boy - NJ Baby Photographer

Best of 2010 | NJ Child Photographer | Bergen County New Jersey

It’s been such an incredible year for me…I have met the most wonderful families and have really loved ALL of my clients!  How lucky I feel!  To celebrate, I thought I’d put together a Best of 2010 slideshow with some of my favorite images.  Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year from Christine DeSavino Photography and hope to see you in 2011!



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