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One year older… | NJ Baby Photographer | Bergen County New Jersey

OK…this is just the kind of angelic face that makes me, the mother of two wonderful boys, want a little girl.  It happened a year ago at her newborn session and it happened again a year later during her one year session.  Doesn’t help that she is sweet as pie with me…I could just take her home!  OH and the accessories…bows, flowers, pearl bracelet, pink slippers…I was dyin!

Beautiful baby girl in pink - NJ Baby Photographer

Girl with sequined slipper - NJ Baby Photographer

Girl and bows - NJ Baby Photographer

Beautiful girl with a flower barrette  - NJ Child Photographer

Her nursery is fabulously decorated, from the crib to the dresser to the curtains.  I have to say, I just love how the framed portrait from our previous session fits right in…

One year old girl in her room - NJ Baby Photographer

And here is her big brother, who I photographed last summer.  In this first photo, I caught him entranced by the tv and I just love the feel of it.  Soon afterwards he was engaged and smiling.  I think it’s the sparkle in his eyes that makes him such a beautiful model …just like his sister!

Beautiful boy enthralled on the couch - NJ Child Photographer

Boy smiling - NJ Child Photographer

Boy on bed with train - NJ Child Photographer

Don’t worry guys, the snow’ll be gone soon and we’ll all be outside playing! 🙂

At the window - NJ Children's Photographer


Christine, I feel so fortunate that I was able to have YOU capture these sweet memories of my daughters' first weeks of life. The time you took, the warmth you radiate, and the beautiful images you produce are truly gifts.

~Merielle L

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