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Believing in Recovery… | Shine a Light on Autism ~ Entry #5

Faith that her child will recover has been this mother’s guiding force…

Thank you for sharing your story.

I had a beautiful, healthy baby girl on March 2nd, 2004. She was so precious and I took really good care of her. She was a happy child who made all of her milestones on time, and was interested in the world around her. On her 18 month check up, the pediatrician asked me a few routine questions, such as does she climb on chairs and does she have a 10 word vocabulary, to which my answer was no. At that point, the doctor looked at me bluntly and said, “Your child might have autism.” I was shocked. I felt the blood running out of my face. “That can’t be,” I said, “she is just a late bloomer”. The doctor suggested that I would wait for a while, and come see her again in about 3 months. When I got home that day, I called a good friend of mine, whose husband is a child psychiatrist, and he told me where I could get my child evaluated. We went through a long period of evaluations that ended up with a diagnosis of mild to moderate autism. Since the diagnosis, I’ve been working really hard with my child. Currently, she is in kindergarten in the autistic classroom, where she gets ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis.) I also do all kinds of alternative therapies with her, such as biomedical (DAN) and homeopathy. My child is improving and learning everyday. I BELIEVE THAT SHE WILL RECOVER.

~story submitted by the girl’s mother

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I love the pix!!!!! I had tears in my eyes looking at them! I forwarded the link to quite a few friends and family and they all just died over them!

~Kristiana K

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