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Three… | New Jersey Family Photographer | Hudson County, New Jersey

Three months is very young…yet there is such a big difference between a newborn session and a three month old session.   At three months, babies are alert, can hold their heads up and can even push up off their bellies sometimes like this little boy.  No more teeny-tiny, sleeping baby poses…instead it’s wide eyes, cooing and hopefully with the right prompts, some adorable smiles.  Some people feel you can see more of  your baby’s personality at this age and so decide to wait until the 3 or 6 month milestone.  I have to admit, I love photographing BOTH stages!

This little boy was such a joy….he was so calm and pleasant, and barely fussed at all.  The secret to keeping him engaged…just jingle some keys and he was happily interested!  These family shots are among my favorites…mom and dad had such a warm and gentle way about them and I really feel that this comes across in these images.

Adorable baby boy on bed - New Jersey Baby Photographer

Mother holding baby boy in black in white - NJ Family Photographer

Beautiful family in black and white - New Jersey Family Photographer

Father smiles at his baby boy - New Jersey Family Photographer

Baby boy on fur - New Jersey Baby Photograper

Baby boy looks up - NJ Baby Photographer


Christine you have an extraordinary talent…you have a remarkable knack for capturing the beauty in their eyes. …I absolutely love your work.

~Bea B

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