Christine DeSavino Photography

Patience… | Newborn Photographer | New York City, NY

I’m not gonna lie…this could’ve been my most challenging newborn to date.  He did NOT want to go to sleep or stay asleep.  Could’ve been because he was past the two week mark; could’ve been he was overtired;  could’ve been he was nervous about his debut photo shoot.  Whatever the reason…you’re totally forgiven, buddy!   Good things come to those who wait…and I’d say our patience paid off.  He is an absolute beauty…   Thanks for hanging in there mom and dad!

Beautiful newborn boy with knit hat lying on brown blanket

Precious newborn boy with knit hat sleeping on blanket

Precious newborn boy sleeping on blanket

Image of newborn boy in wooden bowl with soft blanket

Parents gaze at their newborn boy

Dad’s electric guitar made for a nice prop (or a comfy bed.)  😉

Infant boy with pacifier sleeping on guitar


Christine has been capturing our family for years. She is easy to work with and most importantly the final product never disappoints.

~Jann R

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