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Patience… | Newborn Photographer | New York City, NY

I’m not gonna lie…this could’ve been my most challenging newborn to date.  He did NOT want to go to sleep or stay asleep.  Could’ve been because he was past the two week mark; could’ve been he was overtired;  could’ve been he was nervous about his debut photo shoot.  Whatever the reason…you’re totally forgiven, buddy!   Good things come to those who wait…and I’d say our patience paid off.  He is an absolute beauty…   Thanks for hanging in there mom and dad!

Beautiful newborn boy with knit hat lying on brown blanket

Precious newborn boy with knit hat sleeping on blanket

Precious newborn boy sleeping on blanket

Image of newborn boy in wooden bowl with soft blanket

Parents gaze at their newborn boy

Dad’s electric guitar made for a nice prop (or a comfy bed.)  😉

Infant boy with pacifier sleeping on guitar


We first worked with Christine for our daughter’s newborn shoot and had an absolutely wonderful experience. Not only were the photos gorgeous, but she was also the baby whisperer! She was so gentle and sweet with our daughter, she didn’t wake up once! A year later we again worked with Christine for our daughter’s first birthday, and we are over the moon with the results! This time, her subject was a lot more challenging - a crawling baby who wouldn’t stay in one place for more than a few seconds! However, she still managed to capture the most beautiful shots and moments. You would never be able to tell what Christine was wrangling behind the scenes! She was also super hands on with the shoot itself - even helping us to rearrange some furniture in our home to maximize space. She is incredibly kind, amazing with children and just an overall pleasure to be around! So fortunate we found Christine so we can continue this tradition in the years to come.

~Jill D

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