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Shy Guy… | NY Children’s Photographer | Rockland County

It took all my creative playing powers to win the trust of this endearing little guy.   When friends of mine called me for his portrait session, I thought, “A five year boy?  No problem!  I’m totally in my comfort zone.”  Well, he was very shy at first.  Soooooo, I talked up Yo Gabba Gabba, the Mario Brothers and the Yankees.  I even ran to buy some  Skittles and orange Tic Tacs…and then fed them to my toy dinosaur.  I think that did it!  He must’ve thought, “Hey, she’s alright.”   As we started playing, I got some smiles and laughs and we even went for a little stroll along Congers Lake.  He is very adorable…as you will see.  And I hear afterwards he said I was cute! 🙂

I love this one cause it captures his shyness.  And his beautiful eyelashes.






Christine, I feel so fortunate that I was able to have YOU capture these sweet memories of my daughters' first weeks of life. The time you took, the warmth you radiate, and the beautiful images you produce are truly gifts.

~Merielle L

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