Bear Mountain on a Whim… | Children’s Photographer | Rockland County, NY

Bear Mountain has some of the most spectacular sunsets and best vistas in our area.  On this beautiful 70º Sunday in November, we thought we’d dress the boys up and head there for some Christmas card photos.  The thing is, we left a little late, almost missed the sunset AND  realized our gas tank was on empty (I mean, empty) half-way up the mountain.  Did we turn back?  Heck no!  We had light to catch!  About 15 minutes worth. The pressure was on and here’s a bit of what we got….

The happy ending… we coasted all the way down the mountain (in neutral) til we found a nearby gas station.  There we rewarded ourselves with ice cream and chips!  :)




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  • Melissa - Just awesome!11/09/2009 – 8:28 am

  • Sanna - It was worth coasting down the mountain! We love all of your pictures .11/09/2009 – 9:57 am

  • Andrea Hallett - Your children are gorgeous Christine!11/10/2009 – 9:35 pm

  • sheep wang - Your children is so lovely!08/10/2011 – 3:28 am

  • sheep wang - Your children are very lovely!08/10/2011 – 3:29 am

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