When you’re a three year old girl, you’re on the move!  You can’t slow down for a photo shoot.  Unless of course, there’s a reward in it for you…like a big, swirl lollipop.  It made for a cute, colorful prop, but there is no denying that this beautiful girl didn’t need any help looking good.  Here’s a sneak peek for mom and dad – who she undoubtedly gets her good looks from…





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  • David - what a smile! love these!08/31/2009 – 3:52 pm

  • christine - Thanks!08/31/2009 – 4:04 pm

  • Brian - pictures are amazing!08/31/2009 – 5:29 pm

  • marilyn - what a cutie pie,all natural beauty,I love her hair08/31/2009 – 6:14 pm

  • Andrea Hallett - Beautiful images Christine -love the blog too ! 🙂08/31/2009 – 7:29 pm

  • Charlene - Very nice new blog! These images are wonderful too.08/31/2009 – 9:58 pm

  • Cristina C - I love the new blog! Congrats!! I LOVE the family image, great capture!08/31/2009 – 11:33 pm

  • april todd - love these pics- and the new blog looks fab!!! 🙂09/01/2009 – 7:51 am

  • jeana - beautiful images and blog!09/02/2009 – 12:08 am

  • Kristiana Kolc-Dass - My baby is so beautiful:) Thank you Christine. Can’t wait to see more. You take amazing pictures.09/07/2009 – 5:17 pm

  • erik - beautiful photos…beautiful family09/18/2009 – 6:02 am

  • Misty Matz - OMGosh…these are truly beautiful! Love the family shot, and the black and white. Sheer perfection! Congrats on the new blog too!10/16/2009 – 12:25 pm

  • crave photography - Wow! I love your work, simply stunning and beautiful images!!01/17/2010 – 2:06 am

What a beauty!  Throw in a sense of style, a knack for posing, and an overall adorable personality and you’ve got all the makings of a stunning photo shoot.  Her mom was a great stylist, too and a huge help with hair and wardrobe changes.  All in all, a great time was had by all.  Here are the results…






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  • Leslie - GORGEOUS!08/31/2009 – 5:16 pm

…a girl and a boy!  The girl loved to sleep…the boy, not so much.  Mom was so relaxed and cool, as we took over her house with piles of blankets, sheets, baskets, bean bags, etc…  The only one who seemed to mind was Duncan, their little dog, who was veeeery protective of his newest family members. (A perfect family watchdog!)  In the end, we did manage to get them both to sleep at the same time…and even hold hands.  Such sweetness!



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I just love Long Beach Island as a backdrop to any photo session!  This beach shoot started out capturing some candid shots of the youngest of four children and ended with all of them together.  As you will see, they are all gorgeous…but I’m a bit biased as they are relatives of mine! 😉  Enjoy the view…







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We did it…I said when everyone in our house was out of diapers, I’d venture into the world of potty training… yet again! But this time’s a little different. She’s no less cute than the others I’ve coached, but a little furrier! Her name is Izzy – short for Isolde. (I’ll let you opera buffs figure out what my son’s name is; he’s the dog lover!)  Izzy is a beautiful border collie mix that we rescued while we were in Indiana. From the moment we met her, we knew she was the one!

Hard to get mad at this face for a little pee on the carpet. I’ll keep you posted on the potty training…:)


Here’s one more with my son before we left Indiana.

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  • Johanna Werbach - Christina, the site and the blog are beautiful! What talent you have! All the best, lady! 😉10/06/2009 – 9:36 pm

Here are some pictures of a lovely young lady I met while visiting my husband’s family in Indiana. She was literally the girl next door!   There is an awesome red barn right across the cornfield by their house (a novelty for this Northern Jersey girl!)  which made for a gorgeous backdrop. We had so much fun during this shoot! Afterwards she gave me a thank you card that said she had “the time of her life” which was so sweet because so did I! She is truly a beauty inside and out!





And here she is with her adorable younger brother. I think this picture captures how they feel about each other!


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