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Six days young, this brand new little one was tiny and precious.  I kept marveling at his perfect features…they truly were.  He seemed a good sleeper too, so I thought I’d use the latest in my never-ending search for cool newborn props…a beautifully crafted wooden chair.  I love it – and I think he looks downright comfy in it too.  Look at his little smile.  He stayed peaceful and sleepy for the whole session…looking angelic in the different wraps and cocoons, but I just love how he looks in his daddy’s arms in the black and whites below.  And I daresay the last shot would bring a smile to almost anyone’s face.  Take a look and see…


Newborn smiles on fur and wooden chair - NJ Newborn Photographer
Newborn wrapped in bowl - NJ Newborn Photographer

Sleeping newborn on blanket - NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn in peanut wrap - NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn in daddy

Black and white of sleeping baby being held - NJ Baby Photographer

Newborn in cocoon - NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn smiling in cocoon - NJ Newborn Photographer



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  • Sanna - Each one is my favorite! What can I say besides GREAT photos!06/03/2011 – 12:42 am

  • Penny - So tiny, so cute. Sleeping and smiling in the last picture, so precious! Wonderful pictures.06/03/2011 – 6:25 am

  • Bea - You keep growing as an artist. These capture the joy and awe of a newborn so completely. And, yes, the last one DID make me smile!06/03/2011 – 7:17 am

  • Julie Sowers - Oh My Goodness! Such a tiny peanut! He is just adorable. That last image is precious.06/03/2011 – 9:37 am

  • Mollie Kendall - oh my word, these are precious!! Fantastic shots Christine!06/03/2011 – 10:57 am

  • Megan - That last one is fabulous. What great work!06/03/2011 – 9:34 pm

  • ashley - What a sweet sweet session!!! Good stuff, Christine!! I miss you!06/06/2011 – 10:50 pm

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