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Very often I prefer black and white processing to color.   Sometimes removing color also removes distractions and gives more focus to the subject. It is raw and pure and adds a timelessness to the image.  I decided that for this blog post, I would indulge in an all black and whites.  Two families with four cousins, came together on a sunny Saturday for one of my spring mini-sessions.  The children were beautiful and well-behaved and all the adults were happy that spring had finally seemed to arrive.  A very pleasant morning indeed.   Now don’t worry guys, there are plenty of nice ones in color too…

Black and white image of boy leaning against stone wall smiling - NJ Child Photographer

Black and white close up of beautiful girl - NJ Child Photographer

Black and white of boy peaking from behind a stone wall - NJ Child Photographer
Black and white of baby on a blanket -  NJ Baby Photographer

Black and white of three cousins on a bench -  NJ Child Photographer

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  • Misty - I am loving black & white right now too! I think I go through phases of what is appealing to me at the time. Your B&W process is dreamy! Perfect choice for these gorgeous children!!04/19/2011 – 5:51 pm

  • Wanda - When I looked at these photos I wondered why do they grab me so? Then I studied the details; the iris of the eyes, strands of hair, the shadowy contours of the clothing, texture of the stone wall. And I see that they bring its subjects, transparency and clarity. I think they are so beautiful.04/19/2011 – 6:26 pm

  • Penny - I love these black & white pictures. All the children are simply stunning.04/20/2011 – 5:54 am

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