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Brand New… | NJ Newborn Photographer | Morris County New Jersey

Six days young, this brand new little one was tiny and precious.  I kept marveling at his perfect features…they truly were.  He seemed a good sleeper too, so I thought I’d use the latest in my never-ending search for cool newborn props…a beautifully crafted wooden chair.  I love it – and I think he looks downright comfy in it too.  Look at his little smile.  He stayed peaceful and sleepy for the whole session…looking angelic in the different wraps and cocoons, but I just love how he looks in his daddy’s arms in the black and whites below.  And I daresay the last shot would bring a smile to almost anyone’s face.  Take a look and see…


Newborn smiles on fur and wooden chair - NJ Newborn Photographer
Newborn wrapped in bowl - NJ Newborn Photographer

Sleeping newborn on blanket - NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn in peanut wrap - NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn in daddy's arm - NJ Newborn Photographer

Black and white of sleeping baby being held - NJ Baby Photographer

Newborn in cocoon - NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn smiling in cocoon - NJ Newborn Photographer




With the birth of our Son, my wife and I wanted to be sure to capture this beautiful moment in our lives. Chris was an absolute joy to work with! She checked in to wish us well ahead of Caden's birth and patiently guided us through the process of choosing backgrounds, outfits, etc the day of the shoot. Most amazing was her patience with Caden's unpredictable baby nature : Hungry one moment, calm with eyes open, poopy time, sleepy time, crying time. She was willing to spend over 4 hours with us waiting for the best moments to capture the best shots of Caden. We cannot recommend her highly enough! THANK YOU!

~Steven E

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