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The Magic of LBI… | Beach Photographer | Long Beach Island, NJ

I am so happy and excited to be doing summer beach sessions at LBI again this year!!  It’s one of my favorite places on earth!

On the day of this session, it was beautiful and sunny.  Then all of a sudden, right before our scheduled time, the clouds came rolling in and next thing you know it was POURING.   An hour later, sunshine!  It just goes to show that it pays to roll with the weather…    This family was so sweet and I could tell from talking to mom that LBI is as magical a place for her as it is for me.  We both spent summers here as kids and now we’re creating special memories with our own children.  When she asked me to capture some special beach moments of her family, I knew how much this session meant to her.   I hope I’ve captured some of the magic of LBI for you guys..more to come!

Beautiful mom holding baby daughter in the air on the beach along the ocean

Baby girl on the boardwalk along the beach during golden sunset on LBI

Handsome boy in the sand on the beach at Long Beach Island

Little girl laughs on the beach at Long Beach Island during sunset

Young boy along the ocean shoreline at Long Beach Island

A father holds his young son on the beach at sunset, LBI NJ

Black and white image of young boy on the boardwalk at the beach

Beautiful baby girl along the ocean shoreline on Long Beach Island

Boy and girl sit facing the ocean on Long Beach Island


We just received the photos from our second shoot with Christine and we were thrilled again! The first shoot was for family beach photos with our toddler, and Christine captured the life and spirit of our daughter at her favorite place, the beach! This last shoot was for our newborn twins and their big sister. Christine and David brought all the accessories and backgrounds that allowed the photos to look professional but still be in the comfort of our own home. The photos are absolutely stunning (and the edits came fast -- which was great, because I was so anxious to see the finished products!) I'm rearranging walls in my house to accommodate more! Christine and David are a pleasure to work with. Since they are parents themselves, they handled and positioned our newborns with ease and they know how to interact with toddlers. I love all of my photos and can't wait for the next opportunity to do a shoot! Time to re-do the beach photos now with all 3 kids!

~Mary Ellen M

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