I had the extreme pleasure of meeting the most adorable one year old girl and her family this past weekend.  She was celebrating her birthday that day…and man, was she on the go.  Apparently she just started walking recently and boy was she good at it!  Actually, she’s pretty good at running…as you will see below.  I love shooting in New York City…so many amazing sites and backdrops for photos.  Madison Square park has a lovely fountain and is close to the iconic Flat Iron Building…

Beautiful one year old girl in Madison Square Park - NYC Child Photographer

Family portrait with the Flat Iron Building - NYC Family Photographer

On the run…

Girl running in Madison Square Park - NYC Child Photographer

Close up of beautiful one year old girl - NYC Child Photograher

I love this quiet moment…

Black and white close up of beautiful one year old girl - NYC Child Photographer

Peek-a-boo on the playground - NYC Children

It was wonderful meeting your beautiful family…  I hope your birthday party was a blast and that we didn’t wear you out too much during the shoot!

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  • Penny - What a cutie, pretty eyes. Wonderful pictures.09/22/2010 – 7:56 pm

  • Molly - These are outstanding! I love the feel of the first photograph. But they all possess qualities of warmth, love and beauty… and timeless New York City.09/22/2010 – 8:46 pm

  • Erin K Wilson - lovely session, great job on those catchlights!09/25/2010 – 12:05 pm

  • Julie Sowers - Wow! Beautiful eyes on that little girl. These are great family images too!09/25/2010 – 8:14 pm

  • Stacey - Beautiful little girl! You captured her wonderfully! Love the first image.09/27/2010 – 10:07 pm

  • haley b - these are awesome! love them!10/12/2010 – 10:11 pm

This baby boy was such a little beauty.  He was all of a week old when I met him and was so cute he gave me baby fever (one of the hazards of my job!)  Once he fell asleep, he stayed soooo peaceful and content – which makes the baby fever even worse!!   I mean, just look at this sweet little face…  Here’s a sneak peek for mom and dad – it was great to meet you and  your beautiful family!

Newborn wearing adorable knit hat - NJ Newborn Photographer

Black and white image of newborn - NJ Newborn Photographer

Smiling infant in blue wrap - NJ Newborn Photographer

Peaceful newborn sleeping - NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn in a bowl - NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn in a football hat - NJ Newborn Photographer

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  • maggie - Peaceful is the perfect title for this blog post. Just lovely. 🙂09/15/2010 – 7:17 pm

  • Gabrielle - You’ve captured the blissful repose of a beautiful newborn. Love them!09/15/2010 – 9:13 pm

  • april todd - These are all so beautiful!! Wow, a sleeping baby…those are such hard pics to get!! Great work!09/15/2010 – 9:13 pm

  • Mollie Kendall - Oh you’ve outdone yourself! Each of these are beautiful!! Fantastic work 🙂09/15/2010 – 10:48 pm

  • Jowhara - Stunning as always!09/15/2010 – 11:41 pm

  • Andrea - These are beautiful….like always! Gives me baby fever too!09/16/2010 – 8:56 am

  • Helen Morey Gallo - Christine **love** this series!! You captured two of my favorite newborn moments, the lips all smushed up and the big sleeping smile. Makes you wonder what amazing things are happening in their dreams. Stunning!!!09/16/2010 – 10:38 am

  • Leighanne Kubec - Wow. What an absolutely beautiful series of photos! It truly makes me want to have another one, which says alot. Thankfully, my sister is due in January and lives in NJ, my Christmas present to her will be a sitting with you. Fabulous!09/16/2010 – 5:58 pm

  • Erin K Wilson - Christine, these newbie images are wonderful… you must be somewhat of a baby whisperer…. every image a lovely sleeping baby. I would be as pleased as can be about these photos if this were my little guy. Nice work!!09/17/2010 – 1:18 am

  • Sanna - “Baby Fever” says so much …. it would be quite wonderful to cuddle this precious little one. His parents must smile every time they see him. Each pose so different – I love them all.09/19/2010 – 6:52 pm

This family got rained out – twice!  So we had to reschedule for the only weekend available …Labor Day!   That’s right, just in time for Hurricane Earl.  Well that ended up being no threat at all, but it did keep us wondering…

It was my last beach session of the summer and I wanted to go out with a bang!   I could feel the enthusiasm over the phone with this family and their two boys were fun and full of energy, which makes for such a great beach shoot!   Of course, they’re being so handsome doesn’t hurt either!  I really love the variety we got…and I am especially fond of the last shot by the light house.  (Note to self>I need one like that of my family!)

Wonderful to meet you guys…thanks for a such a nice ending to a fun-filled summer!! 🙂

Two adorable brothers on a lifeguard chair - Long Beach Island, NJ

Montage of brothers on lifeguard chair on the beach - NJ Beach Photographer

Black and white image of two brothers on the dunes - NJ Beach Photographer

Black and white image of boy on the beach - Long Beach Island, NJ

Black and white image of boy on the beach - Long Beach Island, NJ

Two boys on the beach at sunset - Long Beach Island, NJ

Black and white image of family by the lighthouse - Long Beach Island, NJ

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  • Pam and Scott - Very pleased with the shots. We can’t wait to see more!09/10/2010 – 9:48 pm

  • Krista - OMG, so beautiful!! I love these Christine!!09/12/2010 – 1:26 pm

  • kimbrali - these are beautiful christine especially that last fam shot. i love the beach.09/12/2010 – 2:36 pm

  • Christine Chardo - Beautiful Christine!!! …. as always! :O) Adorable boys!09/12/2010 – 6:21 pm

  • Jen - Beautiful…LOVE the family shot!09/12/2010 – 6:53 pm

  • Molly - Great shots capturing family warmth and love!09/12/2010 – 7:12 pm

  • milly - What gorgeous shots in this magical setting. Love the red lifeguard stand, blue sky, the children’s warmth.09/12/2010 – 7:28 pm

  • Timothy Pham - These are beautiful Christine!09/13/2010 – 2:38 am

  • Erin C. - LOVE these. The family shot is ROCKING! You are awesome girl!09/13/2010 – 12:44 pm

  • Matt - Great images, Christine!09/13/2010 – 1:42 pm

  • Erin K Wilson - gorgeous work!!09/14/2010 – 2:14 pm

  • Julie Sowers - These are amazing! Such sweet boys and it looks like a lot of fun. What memories to have!!!09/14/2010 – 4:14 pm

  • stephanie - Sorry it’s been so long since my last visit! 🙁 BEAUTIFUl shots!!!!09/14/2010 – 7:13 pm

  • Christie Adams - Beautiful! especially the lifeguard stand shots!!09/14/2010 – 8:47 pm

  • april todd - I love all of these, so clean, fresh and fun!! FAB work!09/15/2010 – 9:15 pm

  • tracyrouth - wonderful work! I love the beach too! Handsome boys!! I adore the times when the kids are losing teeth, those are always so cute!09/15/2010 – 11:28 pm

  • Amber Stricklin - Love these! Espcially the first image (it looks like it belongs in a ralph lauren catalogue)!09/19/2010 – 7:00 pm

I titled this blog post “connections” because that is what I felt during this shoot.  A beautiful connection between this radiant mother-to-be and her family and neighbor ~ everyone was so warm and welcoming.   It was a hot 90 degree day, but we found some shade under two big beautiful trees at her neighbor’s house, who was so sweet and friendly in inviting us to use his yard where we did the majority of the session.  We did sneak inside for a break and wardrobe change, where we took one of my favorite maternity shots by the window… I just love this mother’s beautiful profile and the look of love she has for her baby-to-be.  Afterwards, we went back outside for more fun with her adorable 16 month old daughter.  She was a little shy at first, but soon opened up and shared her sweet smile with us all…and of course, you can see the amazing connection between mother and daughter…

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  • Natalie Clayshulte - Wow! These are beautiful!! Great job with the silhouette.09/01/2010 – 8:50 pm

  • Mollie Kendall - Oh these are all so beautiful. I adore that first shot. Fantastic work my friend 🙂09/07/2010 – 10:39 pm

  • Haley - south texas beaches do no look that great! the lifeguard stand is awesome. Great pics!09/13/2010 – 10:10 pm

  • Mimi - These shots are stunning! Absolutely stunning.09/15/2010 – 1:54 am

Brother and sister…and good friends too!  You could tell after a few minutes that these two were real buddies!  They were constantly laughing and joking – it was awesome to see and made for some adorable images!  (They’re being beautiful doesn’t hurt either!)

This family travels all the way from Texas to vacation at the Jersey shore…I’m telling you, LBI is just that special!  It was really a pleasure to meet them all…they could not have been any warmer or friendlier…and two hours passed in a snap.

Towards the end of our session, we ran into some sea-creatures and this brave boy showed me how to put a crab to sleep.  Apparently if you flip it over and rub it’s belly it falls asleep within a few seconds.  That’s when he picked it up and showed it to me up close!  Eeeeew!  Well, it was kinda cool actually.  Can’t say the same for the sting ray we found…

Brother and sister by the oceanside - NJ Beach Photographer

Close up of beautiful girl on the beach - LBI Beach Photographer

Close up of handsome boy on the beach - NJ Beach Photographer

Sister and brother laughing on the beach - NJ Beach Photographer

Sting ray and crab - Long Beach Island, New Jersey

Boy holding crab - NJ Beach Photographer - LBI

Family portrait on the beach at sunset - NJ Beach Photographer

Brother and sister hold hands by ocean - NJ Beach Photographer - LBI, New Jersey

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  • Molly - Just beautiful. The special beauty and sentiment of LBI is reflected so alluringly in your work.08/26/2010 – 10:42 am


  • Kathlene - I wish that I knew a photographer like you when my kids were summering on LBI! The island continues to be an accessible tradition. Your photographs reflect this families happiness to be a part of it.09/16/2010 – 8:39 pm

Ok..sorry for the bad pun.  But it was a perfect morning for a beach portrait session on LBI with this adorable 2 year old girl!  I’m not a morning person, but obviously my model was… she was on the go and so fun to follow around.  We had the beach all to ourselves, too (except for a few seagulls and joggers).  Here are a few favorites including some precious moments with her beautiful mommy…

Adorable girl on Long Beach Island at sunrise - NJ Beach Photographer

Beautiful 2 year old girl by the ocean on LBI - NJ Beach Photographer

Beautiful mom holds her baby girl - Long Beach Island NJ

Mother holding daughter in the air on LBI - NJ Beach Photographer

Mother holding daughter on boardwalk of LBI - NJ Beach Photographer

Adorable girl on Long Beach Island - NJ Beach Photographer

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  • ashley - SWOON!08/17/2010 – 6:32 pm

  • april todd - these are all soooo beautiful!!!!08/17/2010 – 7:31 pm

  • KRISTIANA Dass - Beautiful, I love the beach setting.08/17/2010 – 7:56 pm

  • Andrea Hallett - Just beautiful! Your beach sessions are always especially awesome 🙂08/17/2010 – 9:19 pm

  • Julie Sowers - So beautiful!!! She is sweet and I love the mommy and daughter ones too!08/18/2010 – 9:32 am

  • Tina - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE……08/18/2010 – 10:37 am

  • April Aquilino - Your photography is gorgoues..08/18/2010 – 12:55 pm

  • Annie Costa - You two look natural and beautiful. It was touching to see these photos. I don’t know how you’ll choose.08/18/2010 – 6:51 pm

  • Tim Pham - I’ve seen some pretty beach sessions, but for some reason, this one REALLY stands out. You did a beach’ing job =) (bad pun?)08/19/2010 – 11:11 am

Everytime I do a newborn photo session, I am reminded of what an incredible time of life this is. Cherish these early years…they go by in a flash.  My boys are 6 and 8 and their newborn days seem like a lifetime ago.  But I love that in my job I get to relive the wonder of the newborn stage…

Only 6 days young for his photo session, this beautiful boy was so comfortable being held by his father that we decided to capture the moment.  I love this first one… The beautiful knit with the heart shaped button is by Mamique and if anyone’s in the market for some gorgeous newborn wear, then go straight to their blog after this!

In the meantime, enjoy the sweetness of this little guy…

newborn boy being held in his father

Newborn baby boy sleeping on white blanket - NJ newborn photographer

Newborn boy sleeps - NJ Newborn Photographer

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  • Penny - Beautiful pictures of a precious little boy and his family.08/09/2010 – 5:38 pm

  • ashley - love them all!!! great stuff!08/09/2010 – 6:24 pm

  • Sanna - So precious …. a time when life is perfect.08/10/2010 – 9:58 am

  • mimi - Absolutely beautiful!! So perfectly blissful. Wonderful captures of this ephemeral stage of life…08/10/2010 – 7:44 pm

  • Bea - Over and over, you capture the essence of love in your photographs.08/10/2010 – 9:07 pm

Back down to LBI this week for a really fun session with this gorgeous senior.   Obviously the camera likes her…we did too!  My husband was there to help with the bounce (a big white circle that bounces light at the subject’s face) and to help keep her laughing – like THAT was hard! 🙂  Well, not only is she beautiful, but very fun, down to earth and sweet!  She and her family travelled all the way from Michigan to vacation at the beautiful Jersey shore.  We loved meeting you guys…have a safe trip home!

And wishing you all the best for this coming senior year…

gorgeous high school senior on beach at sunset

Beautiful teen girl sitting on boardwalk at sunset

Teenage girl stands on boardwalk by the ocean on Long Beach Island

Beautiful teenage girl at ocean

Teenage girl at ocean on Long Beach Island

Close up of gorgeous senior girl on the beach

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  • Gabby - These are beautiful. Each one captures a different view of this young lady…. graceful, playful and stunning!07/30/2010 – 9:11 pm

  • Penny - Your model is gorgeous, beautiful pictures.07/31/2010 – 6:31 am

  • Bea - She is a gorgeous young woman. I can tell from her smile and eyes that you all did laugh a LOT! As always, your photographer’s eye and photographer’s heart captured the beauty and specialness of this Michigan girl. What a set of memories you gave her and her family.07/31/2010 – 11:34 am

  • Amy - Bea-U-tiful Christine! 1 & 4 are my faves.08/02/2010 – 1:29 pm

  • lynn durkin - Absolutely beautiful!06/24/2015 – 12:42 pm

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