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I’ve been remiss in my blogging, but I thought I’d start things back up with a bang…and a smash…a cake smash, that is.

This was my first one and I have to admit, the thought of a baby smashing and throwing pieces of cake kinda made me nervous.  I know that my OCD is totally showing right now, but hey…part of this blog is getting to know me, right???  This boy was SOOOO adorable and cute about figuring out just what to do with his over-sized birthday cupcake that we were giggling and laughing up a storm the whole time.  Do I drum with it?  Do I squish it?  Do I eat….hey, this tastes pretty good!!!   There were so many great shots, that limiting it to four was tough, but I really loved the idea of a storyboard.  Also, we video taped it and put together a session slideshow that features a combination of video footage and photos.  I have to say I LOVE how it turned out and I think it’s a great way to capture a session!  I’m thinking about regularly offering this as one of my products. I’ll keep you posted…

Happy birthday to you little man…you are adorable beyond words!

Cake Smash Session for a beautiful one year old boy - NJ Baby Photographer

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  • Bea - There’s just one word for this one:

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!03/10/2011 – 7:31 pm

  • Megan - LOVE this! Love the idea, love the hat, ADORE the tie. Let me know if you ever need anyone to provide the giant cupcakes. I’d be thrilled to do it for you.03/10/2011 – 9:05 pm

  • Penny - Love it, how cute he is.03/11/2011 – 3:39 pm

  • molly - Life goes on…how wonderful to have photos like these to recall special moments and milestones!03/18/2011 – 9:31 pm

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